IPTV in Corporates and Business

Information - when and where it matters

Disraeli once noted that the man with the best information is usually the most successful. That remark is even more appropriate in today's competitive business world.

TV Over LAN IPTV network technology gives modern organisations an unrivalled method of disseminating key content to executives, managers and staff. IPTV (or TV over network) combines a wide range of rich digital media - live TV, news feeds, video, PowerPoint presentations and much more - all delivered in real time to any TVs and PCs which are connected to your network.

All content is managed centrally and broadcast when you want, to the people you want to receive it. Company information can be viewed by select individuals and teams in specific departments and office locations. Sensitive data can be delivered only to those who are authorised to see it - Financial and HR departments for instance.

And TV Over LAN's IPTV for business doesn't require a massive financial outlay. It leverages your investment in your existing IT infrastructure (the network you use to access the internet and send emails). So there's no additional cabling required which means no disruption to business during installation.

TV Over LAN - Controlled corporate information for executives, managers and staff

  • Deliver news, product updates, pricing, financial results, success stories, staff information and presentations
  • Broadcast to desktops, reception areas, staff areas, conference rooms, branches and home workers.
  • Send scheduled, regular updates such as company bulletins and ad hoc announcements (welcome messages, fire drills and emergency meetings)