Digital Signage HD

Deliver Key Messages...Instantly

Dynamic and innovative, TV Over LAN Digital Signage HD is the intuitive, high impact way to communicate information direct to your audience

Designed to be a stand-alone application or to be integrated with the market-leading TV Over LAN IPTV and VOD systems, our high-tech solution delivers a stunning combination of video, text, images and live TV.

TV Over LAN Digital Signage HD is ideal for use in public areas, conference centers, exhibition halls, sports areneas, shopping malls, bus stations to name but a few - to improve the customer experience and generate revenue opportunities:

  • Advertisements and Promotions
  • Product Awareness and Brand Building
  • Directions, Traffic Information, Programme Details
  • News, Weather, Sports Results
  • Opening Times, Menus and Pricing

Underpinned by cutting-edge technology

Web based technology and HTML interfaces provide configuration and management for:

  • Playlist creation and content scheduling control
  • Specific playlists and content to individual or multiple devices, groups of devices, locations and areas.
  • Different user profiles - user, administrator, manager, senior manager etc
  • Live data feeds - news, weather and travel information are just a few examples
  • Targeted promotional offers
  • Display and management of multiple content - text, tickertpe, images, live video and stored video
  • Broadcast of local information or live video feeds

Digital messages are displayed via IP Set Top Boxes (STBs) rather than PCs, eliminating OS crashes, and failure of moving parts such as hard disks and fans.

Content is stored in a central server and managed centrally for individual end devices. All changes are implemented globally, quickly and consistently.