IPTV in Education

Enriching the learning experience

Communication lies at the core of the educational process. That communication should be stimulating, accessible and – given today’s economic climate –affordable.

TV Over LAN IPTV network technology is a powerful, flexible and cost effective way for educational institutions of all types to communicate with their students and staff.

Content is centrally controlled and can be delivered to classrooms and lecture theatres across school sites, campuses and to remote locations.

Teachers and lecturers are able to combine an exciting range of digital media – live TV, radio, video, PowerPoint presentations, for instance – to add variety and dynamism to their lessons. You can even record and archive content from Freeview TV for use in future lessons.

And it’s done using your existing network. There’s no additional investment in your IT infrastructure. That makes it easy to install and maintain.

TV Over LAN - For teachers, students and administrators

  • Transmit customised content to classrooms, student areas and halls of residence
  • Broadcast media-rich content to add impact to lessons.
  • Make channels available to every PC or display on campus
  • Stream live lectures to any networked PC or TV
  • Provide news, information, entertainment and foreign language TV and radio
  • Provide students with TV and radio channel access profiled to their interests, home country and education needs
  • Create ad hoc messages – emergencies, lecture re-scheduling, forthcoming events