What is IPTV?

Technically Speaking...

IPTV (or TV over Network) uses existing digital IP based networks – Ethernet, LAN, Internet or WAN – to deliver (or stream) Audio and Visual (AV) content and data to PCs and TVs with the addition of set top boxes (STBs).

Content broadcast through IPTV network technology can be distributed in 2 ways:


Generally used for two-way transmissions such as Video On Demand (VOD), whereby only a designated user can view the content which can be paused, forwarded and rewound.

However, Unicast transmissions can have a negative impact on system performance as each viewer requires their own allocation of bandwidth.


Enables an unlimited number of viewers (provided the network is configured correctly) to receive content from any given IPTV stream.

Multicast transmissions offer a major benefit in that bandwidth is shared by all of its users so performance is never compromised.

What that means for organisations like yours…

IPTV offers distinct advantages over conventional RF coaxial–based transmissions. Organisations in Finance, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Transport, Healthcare can use TV over Network to entertain, inform, monitor and increase revenue by:

Greater management of content and its use

Channels can be grouped and controlled so you decide who views what, when and where. Vital data can be shared and analysed. Information conveyed through live news streams.Revenue opportunities created by promotional messages shown to the right people at the right time in the right place.

Reduced cost of implementation and maintenance

There’s no upgrading of the network you’re already using to access the Internet and send e-mails. AV streams can be easily added to your current IT infrastructure, viewed and recorded onto PCs . So there’s no need for TV capture cards and extra cabling. You’ll be getting more from your existing investment.

Superior images and sound

The image and sound quality of IPTV is superior to almost all other means of transmission. Forget the problems associated with analogue content. IPTV network technology is virtually immune to noise, ghosting, harmonics, cross modulation and reflections.

For more information on IPTV Technology and how it can help your organisation to communicate, inform and entertain please download the white papers below