TV Over LAN IPTV Products


TV Over LAN IPTV Gateway

A solid state, highly reliable unit which can be configured for different applications in corporate IPTV networks. Primarily used to stream TV channels when reliability and easy configuration are required. Ideal for the Finance, Healthcare and Educational environments.

No server is needed to host channels as these are transmitted to the set top boxes via SAP announcements. The unit can be configured for DVB T/S along with AV encoders

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TV Over LAN Set Top IPTV Box (SD)

A robust unit which is available in HD and SD. Browser based - installation, configuration and monitoring are extremely simple.

All controls - channel selection and volume levels for instance - can be easily and quickly adjusted via any PC on your system.

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TOL Integrated IPTV Server

The ultimate all-in-one solution for IPTV networks in Hotels, Sports Stadiums, Health Clubs and any hospitality or leisure environment.

The rack mounted server holds everything you could possible need from DVB T/S Gateways and AV Encoders to content storage, EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), VOD (Video on Demand) and digital signage software

TV Over LAN Set Top IPTV Box (HD)

Manufactured by Amino, one of the world's leading STB manufacturers, this top of the range unit boasts full HD capability.

Integration with TOL software is totally seamless allowing VOD channel selection, electronic programme guide and games.

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